NFL News : Quick Hits Around the League

  Here is the key for Game Three of the Eagles preseason.  They play the Packers so instantly look at the over.  Why is that?  The Ravens game presented us the solution.  If you are not going to play the Eagles during the regular season, why devote any extra energy in trying to crack all …Read More

MLB Betting : Tweaking Today’s Outlook

MLB Betting for 8/23 should be paused until you read this article.  HRWager has unearthed several factors that will have more than a profound effect on four games on the MLB docket.  Adjust accordingly as these trends are potent.  Without any further ado, here we go with the mindset alterations for August 23rd. MLB Betting: …Read More

MLB Prediction on 8/22 for Toronto at the Angels

Our MLB Prediction looks at the two teams in quite opposite paths.  Los Angeles is still imploding while the Blue Jays are streaking towards the top.  Can the three zone time difference provide any impediment to Toronto tonight?  Let HRWager examine the game for you and produce of MLB Free Pick of the day for …Read More

MLB Free Pick : 8/20 Up and Down Yanks RL

Our MLB Free Pick for 8/20 tries to divine the fluctuation in the Yankees runline.  This wager got bet down driving the price from +135 to as low as +110.  At this point, a rally was seen and now it is back up to +135.  What concerns are there or is it just wagering for …Read More

NBA Futures : Curious Case of Crawford

NBA Futures could be put on their ear by an addition that would normally fly under the radar.  A unique set of skills that Jamal Crawford could bring a team in undeniable.  The oddness of the situation in which a 35 year old guard could hold some sway over the immediate destiny of three franchises …Read More

ATP News : Under the Skin of Novak

ATP News and the attempted buzz kill from the world’s #1 player was going to be the headliner for the week but something on came out of the final.  Find out what happened in his last two matches that had the over whelming US Open favorite giving hope that profitable underdog wagering has returned to …Read More

Washington at Boise State Free Pick Friday 9/4

First Friday night in College Football and HRWager has a Free Pick to invest in right now.  Chris Petersen’s return to Boise is on for a prime time national audience.  The Broncos are returning an over achieving team that got a Fiesta Bowl win but lost to Ole Miss and the Air Force.  So the …Read More

Sports Handicapping Slump Busters : Emulate the Dodger’s Pederson

Sports handicapping is all about confidence and knowing that multiple paths to success exist.  Even when the tried and true that go you there has failed, one does not have to pitch in the towel.  Look at Joc Pederson as your example to get over that hump.  He has been struggling to get out of …Read More

Runline Rampage from America’s Bookie on the Royals 8/5

Runline Rampage from America’s Bookie trolled the halls at Comerica.  While the Donald could not be heard uttering his famous trademark, the Detroit GM was relieved of his duties.  That has put the entire franchise in the next level of chaos.  Tonight they call up one of the prospects they got in the David Price trade …Read More

College Football is King at HRWager

College football is almost here but the wagering has already begun here at HRWager.  A plethora of futures as well as the lines for the first games of the year are already us.  The wildly popular season win futures enables you to put up or shut up with the success or failure of your favorite …Read More